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Getting Hooked on Strength Training

On July 13, 2017

I have always been a fan of exercise. It makes me feel good, clears my head and helps keep my weight in check.  I’ve been pretty much set in my routine for… Read More


Upgrade Your Workout Gear

On January 26, 2017

Once the new year hits, I like to replenish my fitness gear and weed out the ones that are old, worn and don’t fit well. I find that finding the right fitness gear takes… Read More


A 14-Day Healthy Reset

On January 19, 2017

It’s the first few weeks of January and either you or someone you know is probably on some type of diet — no sugar, no carbs and no dairy are most likely… Read More


Your Summer Body is Calling

On June 17, 2016

It’s officially swimsuit season and I’m not quite ready to sport those cute cut-offs, sleeveless tops and itty bitty bikinis that are lurking in my closet. The past few weeks, I’ve tried… Read More


Dreamy Spa Getaways

On April 8, 2016

Since I’ve had kids, a quick overnight trip is often the easiest to plan and usually leaves me feeling a bit refreshed, but I’m longing for a real escape where I can disconnect (goodbye… Read More


Athleisure Wear

On March 11, 2016

Have you heard of athleisure wear? I’ve been hearing quite a bit about this fashion trend as of late, but haven’t paid too much attention to it, until last week when I was… Read More


Getting Into Yoga

On March 8, 2016

This past summer was a chaotic time in my life. I was dealing with a big move out of New York City, leaving my friends and family, and trying to acclimate to… Read More


Probiotics for Better Skin

On February 1, 2016

I’m not blessed with flawless skin like some women. I have bouts with redness, occasional breakouts, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dullness coupled with fine lines and wrinkles. A little over a year ago,… Read More


Cool Weather Workout Gear

On November 11, 2015

Since I’ve moved out of New York, my workout is primarily running outside or doing hot yoga or pilates at a studio.  I’ve been lucky with the beautiful warm weather we’ve been… Read More


5 Workouts For Bikini Season

On June 5, 2015

Now that swimsuit season is pretty much here, I’m stepping up my workout routine (glad I waited till the last possible minute).  I want to incorporate challenging fitness classes that will help sculpt… Read More

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