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About Wander + Lash

Hi I’m Jackie and I’m a former travel and beauty editor now living in a coastal town outside of Providence, Rhode Island. I created Wander + Lash back in 2014 while living in NYC because as much as I loved writing for magazines and working on freelance projects for others, I wanted to create something that was my own. Plus, I had two little kids at the time and wanted to spend more time with them.  This blog was created organically with not much knowledge of the online world and has evolved over the years with a focus on my favorite things, encompassing beauty, travel, fashion and wellness.  Since I could remember, I’ve been enamored with stylish things, low-key luxury and exploring new places and things.  I think you’ll find a little bit of everything on my site and I hope you find it inspiring.

In my spare time, I’m hanging with my two boys and husband exploring our new little state. I’m also a contributing editor at Furthermore by Equinox, Beautyinthebag, In Season Magazine  and Global Traveler. You can see more of my editorial work at www.jackieignall.com. Feel free to email me if you want to collaborate or just want to drop a line: info@wanderandlash.com. Thanks and hope you enjoy reading the blog!


Photo taken on the High Line by Catherine May Taylor.