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June, 2016


Your Summer Body is Calling

On June 17, 2016

It’s officially swimsuit season and I’m not quite ready to sport those cute cut-offs, sleeveless tops and itty bitty bikinis that are lurking in my closet. The past few weeks, I’ve tried… Read More


Western Vibes

On June 10, 2016

I’ve been in the midst of planning some fun summer getaways primarily here in New England, but I have a strong case of wanderlust to take a family trip out west to explore some of… Read More


Treat Your Scalp for Healthy Hair

On June 3, 2016

I always considered my fine color-treated hair and scalp to be in excellent shape, but over the past few months I’ve noticed some changes. I’ve been getting scalp breakouts (yuck), my hair… Read More